ASLIN (USA) - GAKOZING - Gummy Bear IPA - 6.5% - 473mL "EXCLUSIVE"

ASLIN (USA) - GAKOZING - Gummy Bear IPA - 6.5% - 473mL "EXCLUSIVE"

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Style - Specialty IPA

ABV - 6.5%

Formats - 473mL cans 

Market - U.S.A

Gakozing is a delicious new IPA brewed with Albanese Gummies, & hopped with Citra & Mosaic! We added over 50 lbs (about the weight of a 5th grader) of these dudes to the boil & then rolled the dice. And oh did it work out! This beer has huge notes of fresh strawberry up front with a refreshing sweet/tart combo, finishing with that all too familiar gummy bear taste. You've serioiusly gotta try this!