Deschutes - Cultural Diversity - Mixed Culture Ale - 500ml

Deschutes - Cultural Diversity - Mixed Culture Ale - 500ml

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STYLE - Sour mixed culture ale

NOTE: This product can be aged like a wine

ABV - 8.2%

Formats - 500ml Bottle

Country - USA

Our brewers named this beer before it was even made - it happens all the time with babies, right?! Cultural Diversity speaks to the different yeast strains in the beer. And just like the human race is a mixed culture (cheers to so many unique baby names), so is beer.

Tasting Cultural Diversity, you-re first greeted by a burst of starfruit, with the acidity ringing in a light pop of red berry - sending the sour notes wild. After these fruity qualities calm down, the acidity lifts the pallet to hints of graham cracker and tannins, leaving you ready for your next sip.