De Ranke - Kriek - 750ml

De Ranke - Kriek - 750ml

De Ranke
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STYLE - Classic Kriek - Sour

NOTE: This product can be aged like a wine

ABV - 7%

Formats - 750ml Bottle

Country - Belgium

RATEBEER 99/100 - Kriek De Ranke is a 7% vol. Alc. Kriek thats unique because the composition is based on two different styles of sour ales. Being the red-brown style from the Roeselare/ Kortrijk/ Oudenaarde-region and the Lambic style from the Pajottenland-region, close to Brussels. We produce and acidify the red-brown ale ourselves, after which we add 25% sour cherries. These cherries stay in the ale for 6 months. Once fermented, the cherries come out and we add Lambic from Brewery Girardin. After this the ale matures for a while before being ready to drink. Its an explicit thirst quencher, that contains nearly no sugar.