TO ØL - Destruktionsbajer - Fruit & Juicy XPA - 500ml

TO ØL - Destruktionsbajer - Fruit & Juicy XPA - 500ml

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STYLE - Fruited XPA

ABV - 6.5%

Formats - 500ml Cans

You had the low ABV Session ReparationsBajer, which is the perfect beer when you need to repair things, Whether it’s your hangover from last night or that old lawnmower you inherited from your in-laws. But we all know that even beer is subject to the laws of balance: what goes up, must come down. What is repaired must first be broken. What is too drunk must first be not drunk enough! With that said, I’d like to present our brand new Destruktionsbajer, for when repairing that old lawnmower just doesn’t seem as fun as converting it to a propane engine and making doughnuts on your neighbor’s lawn.

Fruity, fresh at 6,5%. Dry hopped with zesty Citra, Nelson and Mosaic Hops for extra juice.