Equilibrium - Breaking Enigma - DDH Dank Hazy DIPA - 473mL

Equilibrium - Breaking Enigma - DDH Dank Hazy DIPA - 473mL

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ABV - 8.5%

Formats - 473ml Cans

Country - U.S.A

Cracking the very cryptic Enigma Code was an important moment in world history. Here, we try to do the same on a brewery level with a hop some refer to as the chameleon hop, Enigma. Using different methods during the dry hop we work to pull out unique flavors you may not find using standard techniques.

Breaking Enigma uses wheat and oats as a grain base and is then heavily hopped with Enigma and a touch of Citra for balance. This beer pours bright yellow and has aroma of tropical fruit, berry and stone fruit. Upon tasting, we get assorted berries, tropical fruit, citrus, and a touch of Pinot Gris. The beer is resinous with a great blend of #EQjuice and dank earth at finish.