GIN - Berto Gin (London Dry Style) - 700ltr

GIN - Berto Gin (London Dry Style) - 700ltr

Antica Distilleria Quaglia
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STYLE - London Dry Style

ABV - 43%

Formats - 700ml Bottle

Country - Italy

London Dry Gin style with the classic juniper profile similar to Tanqueray. The beauty of the 'Berto' Gin is that it is both an excellent gin to introduce to the gin novice; with sweeter, more aromatic and floral notes to calm the intense flavours. Similarly, such an interesting flavour profile also satisfies the more expert enthusiasts, with intricate layers of complex botanicals in perfect balance. It boasts a lovely texture; lovely and smooth, which, along with the floral profile, manages to carry the high alcohol beautifully.