GRIMM (USA) -The Open Work: Riesling 2022 -  7% - 500ml

GRIMM (USA) -The Open Work: Riesling 2022 - 7% - 500ml

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Spontaneous Sour with Riesling Grapes

- BA Spontaneous Ale

ABV - 7%

Size - 500ml Bottle

Market - USA

The Open Work: Riesling is an exquisite hybrid of natural wine and lambic perfect for the holiday table. We blended choice barrels of our complex, tart, and spicy 2-year spontaneous ale onto perfect whole-cluster macerated Riesling grapes from Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard in Calverton, NY. The result is a remarkably wine-forward cuvée — extraordinary bright and clear in the glass, oozing with tart and floral white grape, finishing crisp and spicy. Superbly balanced clean funk!