Jester King - Lagered Farmhouse ale - 750ml.

Jester King - Lagered Farmhouse ale - 750ml.

Jester King
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STYLE - Lagered Farmhouse Ale

NOTE: This product can be aged like a wine

ABV - 5.5%

Formats - 750ml Bottle

Country - USA - Austin

We brewed the beer with well water, liberty hops, Pale Moon malted barley from Blacklands Malt in Leander, Texas (66%), and malted Jimmy Red corn (33%). The grist for the beer was 100% grown in Texas, and malted at small, independent malt houses. We primary fermented in stainless steal with our mixed culture of brewers yeast, and wild yeast and bacteria. After primary fermentation, we lagered the beer for six weeks near freezing temperature. According to the Oxford Companion to Beer by Garrett Oliver, lagering comes from the German word "lagern" meaning "to store". "Before the days of mechanical refrigeration, German brewers stored beer in cool, deep caves, especially during the hot summer months", writes Oliver. After lagering, we naturally conditioned the beer through refermentation in bottles and kegs.