Morning Cider (NZ) - Classic Cider - 4.9% - 330mL

Morning Cider (NZ) - Classic Cider - 4.9% - 330mL

Morning Cider
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STYLE - Cider - Crisp 

ABV - 4.9%

Formats - 330ml Cans

Country - NZ

Congrats - you are soon to have in your hands the most crafty, bad-ass ‘lil can brewed this cider the equator - lucky you!

Crisp, dry, and delicious, this refreshing drop is our original, signature cider - virtuously simple, yet everything you could ever want in a canned beverage.

The artwork on the OG Cider can is inspired by the commissioned 'hand of God' mural on the dosser wall in McDonald St, Morningside, crafted by NZ's fave graffiti artist, Owen Dippie.